AIH Team Dinner 2021 | Los Angeles, CA Pictured (left to right): Matt Cruz, Tre Somerville, and Wanjiku 'Kazi' Mbugua

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All In-House Entertainment was founded in July 2020, by Tre 'Kloud9Trizzy' Somerville, Wanjiku 'Kazi' Mbugua, J.D., and Matt Cruz. The childhood friends grew up in Central Valley, California, in the mid-2000s when Lil' Wayne, Kanye West, and Soulja Boy dominated the radio. At age 14, Kazi and Cruz met outside of the St. Mary's High School gym, in Stockton, California, and shortly thereafter, Cruz introduced her to his best friend, Kloud9Trizzy. Together, they bonded over their love of for hip-hop and the art of rapping, and formed a group called '48 Bars.' Over a decade later, the trio came back to establish an entertainment label called All In-House Entertainment and support artists in achieving their dreams by following the ultimate blueprint to gaining visibility as an artist.

Today, Tre Somerville serves as both president of the label and headline artist, performing as 'Kloud9Trizzy', and Wanjiku 'Kazi' Mbugua, J.D., serves as the Vice President of Business Affairs, where she manages artist deals, publishing, and marketing. Together, the pair combine their expertise to support artists from the creative process to business administration. Artists also benefit from the network that the label has created throughout the United States and abroad.

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our blueprint

All In-House Entertainment sets itself apart from other labels because we support our artists growth and trajectory. Through true mentorship and partnership, our artists get the level of support that comes with working with a label that cares about your success. To us, success looks like making money off of the music industry to create financial stability for oneself. We understand that unsigned artists are nervous about exchanging royalties. That is why we offer 'a la carte' services for artists to get the business administrative support they need, while keeping 100% of their royalties. 

Don't leave money on the table and focus on the music this year. 

Apollo Night 2009 | Stockton, CA | Pictured (left to right): Kloud9Trizzy (16), Kazi Mbugua (16), and Matt Cruz (16) performing as 48 Bars

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